As seen on Localish

As seen on Localish
About Wonder Waffel

WonderWaffel is the unique concept from Berlin, which causes your senses and your palate to explode. According to our motto "Create your Wonder", you too quickly became a fan of us. Guaranteed!

Experience the unbeatable combination of fresh fruits, toppings and our incredulous sauces bundled on our hot waffles.

There’s a unique sweet stop 19028 Gulf Freeway, next to the Baybrook Mall, and a family brought the idea all the way from Switzerland.

“Our daughter was an exchange student 2015 / 2016” in Angleton, said Yves Staub, who owns the very first WonderWaffel store in the U.S. with his wife, Simone.“We fell in love with this area and knew we had to figure out how to move from Switzerland to the United States — specifically the Houston area.”

Around that same time, the Staub family were introduced to a new concept in their hometown of Bern.

“There was a new waffle place there; so we said, ‘OK, let’s go to WonderWaffel,’ and we fell in love with the concept,” he said. “It was so unique and so special that we thought there would be an opportunity to take the franchise to the Houston area. So, we talked to them about it and they agreed.”

Their first store opened Aug. 1 2019 in Baybrook Mall but after the Pandemic, WonderWaffel was no longer welcome at Baybrook Mall and had to leave.

Finally, they opened the new location - which is even bigger and nicer - June 10, 2022 next to the Baybrook Mall.

“The people here in the Bay Area have been wonderful — they’re also the type of customers who might be interested in us,” Staub said.

WonderWaffel customers get to build their own confection — with the help of the Staub family — using sauces such as Nutella, white chocolate, hazelnut cream and a wide variety of fruit and candy toppings.

“You can also add a scoop of gelato if you’d like,” Staub said. “We have menus of waffles already created if you choose, but there is no limit to whatever you’d like on your waffle.”

The waffles have a unique shape — like hearts strung together. But that’s not the secret to their appeal, Staub said. It’s in the batter.

For Staub, the best part about owning the restaurant so far has been working with his wife, daughter Chiara and son Nico.

“You get to be your own boss and work with your family,” Yves Staub said. “This is completely different for us. In Switzerland, I used to be a police officer and my wife worked with (special needs) kids. So, everything now is new, and that makes it exciting.”